Importance of yadhavagiri (Adoni-AdavAni) xEthra


·        The history of Adoni dates back to Ramayana Period.  Mountains surround Adoni.  Shri Rama during His vanavasa visited this place and on one occasion Rakshasas come to disturb Shri Rama who would be resting on one of  the mountains.  Understanding this, Shri Anjaneya fights with them and kills them.  Hence this place is aptly called ‘raNa mandala’.

·        Knowing this, Shri Vyasa Thirtha during his visit to Adoni installed the deity of Shri MukhyaprANa on the hillock and he is now popularly known as ‘raNa mandala AnjanEya’.

·        Shri Vyasa Thirtha installed another MukhyaprANa deity closer to the hill and he is called mangarAya.  The place is called MangarAyakOte.

·        Mangarayakote is the place where Shri Gopala Dasaru was bestowed ‘Ankitha’ by Shri Vijaya Dasaru.

·        Shri Vijaya Dasaru stayed at Adoni for almost 8 to 10 years before moving to Chippagiri.

·        Shri Vijaya Dasaru installed the deity of Shri MukhyaprANa at Adoni.

·        In the same vicinity, Shri Vijaya Dasaru sowed Ashwaththa vRuxa that stands tall even to date.

·        Later Shri Raghu Prema Thirtharu installed the brundhavanam of Shri Raghavendra Thirtha in the same vicinity.

·        Shri PanganAma Thimmannadasaru (Also known as Shri Venugopala Dasaru was called Panganama by Shri Gopala Dasaru since he was the incarnation of  Shri Vaikunta Dasaru who was a Shrivaishnavite by birth) belongs to Adoni. He was bestowed ‘Ankitha’ by Shri Vijaya Dasaru as ‘Shri Venugopala Vittala’at Adoni.

·        Diwan Venkanna (Disciple of Shri Raghavendra Thirtharu) belongs to Adoni..

·        Shri Raghu Prema ThirTharu installed the deities of “Shri Sita Rama MukhyaprANa Laxmana” at Adoni and later in the same premises entered brundavanam.

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